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ILLINOIS: Exporting and Sorting Inventory Adjustment for Cycle Counts
ILLINOIS: Exporting and Sorting Inventory Adjustment for Cycle Counts
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Navigate to Inventory > Inventory Management > Inventory Adjustment and click on CSV Export

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Once the file has been exported, create a new sheet in Google Sheets, and upload the document.

  • Remember to uncheck convert text to numbers, dates, and formulas to keep the new document clean.

Your google sheet will now be filled with all of your data so we are going to clean it up a bit.

  • Navigate to the upper left empty box and click into it. This highlights your whole sheet.

  • Next go into an area between the columns and double click. This will open up all those cells for you.

  • Go into view and freeze that top row.

  • Create a filter.

  • Sort A to Z on Product, and on Type. This is going to sort all of your products by the category and then alphabetized by the product.

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  • Some of these columns are not needed so they can either be condensed or hidden. Hide by right-clicking and selecting Hide Columns.

  • NOTE: Make sure Reserved units, Packed and Ready units, and Available units are at the forefront of this report.

  • Select File, Print, Landscape mode.

These pages will help check actual numbers against what is listed and make reconciliation much more accurate.

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