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How Do I Assign Manager Override Permissions in the Latest Version of Treez
How Do I Assign Manager Override Permissions in the Latest Version of Treez
Written by Treez Admin
Updated over a week ago

Please Note: This article pertains to functionality in the Latest Version of Treez.

In the Latest Version of Treez the Manager Override permission now resides at the Role level instead of at the User level as it does in SellTreez User Management. This means it's faster than ever to assign your users within a specific role the Manager Override permission in one click.

When the Manager Override permission is assigned to a role, all users within that role will automatically be granted the ability to perform Manager Overrides throughout SellTreez.

Note that manager overrides are used in Customer Management, Inventory Management and SellTreez POS. Being at the role level also gives User Administrators the ability to see who has the manager override permission by simply looking at the role instead of having to look at each user individually, which assists you in keeping your POS actions secured to only authorized users you designate.

Please Note: Prerequisites are that the User MUST have the Edit Role permissions.

  • Navigate to Role Management

  • Locate the role you would like to assign the Manager Override Permission to

  • Click the Edit icon (...) on the right side of the screen inline with the role you wish to edit

  • Click Next on the Role Info screen

  • Navigate to the SellTreez > Retail > Manager Override permission

  • Check the box next to Manager Override

  • Click the “Finish” button at the bottom right of the screen

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