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Simple Guide to Permissioning in Role Management for the Latest Version of Treez
Simple Guide to Permissioning in Role Management for the Latest Version of Treez
Written by Treez Admin
Updated over a week ago

Please Note: This article pertains to functionality in the Latest Version of Treez.

Permissions in the Latest Version of Treez allows users to assign more granular permissions to roles than it did before. In legacy SellTreez User Groups, permissions were specific to pages so any user who has the User Management permission would have Add, View, Edit and Delete access to that page.

In the Latest Version of Treez, the new User Management, Role Management and Org Management modules have granular permissions for Add, View, Edit and Delete, where available.

The remaining permissions from SellTreez conveniently offer the same 1 click access, which allows for a familiar experience and speedy role configuration.

MSOs will have to consolidate the roles of many stores into a list of master roles which can be used across all stores.

  • Inevitably there will likely be some variance on these roles

  • Organizations ideally would consolidate and standardize on the roles and associated permissions

  • Optionally, if there is a special case where you need different permissions for similar roles at various stores, you can make roles for each store by cloning an existing role that closely matches the needed permissions. This creates a copy of the role that can then be edited to adjust the remaining permission differences for the needs of that individual store.

MSOs should review the default roles and associated permissions. If these closely match your desired roles, simply update the default roles to get moving more quickly.

Please Note: Since the user import for MSOs requires that the admin select default roles and cannot select a custom role, this is the fastest path for customers as they will only need to update the roles and not the individual to role associations

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