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All About Organization Management in the Latest Version of Treez
All About Organization Management in the Latest Version of Treez
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Please Note: This article pertains to functionality in the Latest Version of Treez.

Organization Management is where a user can find a list of retail stores within their organization. The store list is currently “view only” and does not allow for edits to be made to the store's details. In future updates, store details will be made editable from this screen.

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Organization Management Fields:

Store Name - The display name of the retail store

State - The state the retail store resides in

Address - The store's physical address

Website - The stores website URL

Customer Type - The customer type(s) served, Medical, Recreational or Both.

License Type - The license type of the retail store

Start Date - The license Start Date

Expiration Date - The license expiration date

Mon - Sun - The house of operation for each day of the week.


Stores - Stores in this context essentially refer to the SellTreez instances connected to this Organization.

Permission Set - A group of permissions which relate to the same Treez module. In the permissions assignment flow, these are the top-level categories which can be expanded and collapsed.

Permissions Set:

Permission Name

Permission Description

Permission Visibility

View Store

Allows a user to view stores.

External (Customer Facing)

View Organization

Allows a user to view organization.

External (Customer Facing)


The Store details are currently manually set during the org and store creation process. They are not currently linked to the relevant fields within SellTreez. The respective store details that are currently set in SellTreez will still be used as they are today and can be managed in the SellTreez instances directly as normal.

Navigating to and Viewing Organization Management:

Please note: Prerequisites are User MUST have the View Organization permissions and MUST have the View Stores Permissions

  • Login to Latest Version of Treez

  • Navigate to the Organization Settings icon in the bottom left corner and click “Organization Settings”

  • The Organization Management page will display with the list of stores assigned to the organization

Please note: Stores cannot be edited at this time from Organization Management. Edits to the store information can be made within each individual store through their SellTreez interface.

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