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TreezSupport: How Do I Follow a Service Incident?
TreezSupport: How Do I Follow a Service Incident?
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How do I follow a service incident?


If Treez experiences a service incident and you want to be kept apprised of updates and resolution, navigate to Treez > Community and "Follow" either the Service Incident topic:


or "New posts and comments":


If an incident occurs, Treez will alert customers to the incident by making an official comment in a new thread with the product name and date of the incident in the title. Updates will be provided on a regular cadence until the incident is resolved.

Examples Only:

  • SellTreez Service Incident -12/9/1963

  • AskTreez Service Incident - 12/9/1963

  • BrandTreez Service Incident - 12/9/1963

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