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TreezSupport: SellTreez - All About Deli-style - All Markets Except CA
TreezSupport: SellTreez - All About Deli-style - All Markets Except CA
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In some states, local regulations allow you to sell flower to customers 'deli-style'. Deli-style means that instead of pre-packaging flower in standard sizes, sales staff will measure out the desired amount a customer wants to purchase from a bulk flower batch. There are different processes you need to follow in Treez to manage and sell bulk flower products.

NOTE: Arizona requires you to complete additional steps to track a customer’s purchase limits. Learn more about this process in our quick guide.

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Creating a Bulk Flower Product

Step 1: Navigate to Products > Product Management.

Step 2: Click the ‘+’ icon and select ‘Flower’ to create a new bulk flower product.


Step 3: In the Subtype field select ‘Bulk Flower’.

NOTE: When you select Bulk Flower, there is no ‘Size’ to specify. The UoM (unit of measurement) will be grams.


Step 4: In the Pricing section, select ‘Flat Price’ or ‘Tier Price’ from the dropdown.

  • Flat price: means you charge the same amount per gram no matter how much the customer purchases. Enter the price you want to charge per gram.

  • Tier Pricing: means you charge a different price per gram depending on how much a customer purchases. Click ‘Pricing Tier’ to select a saved pricing tier (if you’ve previously created one), or select ‘+ Create New Tier’.


Step 5: Fill out the rest of the Product card as you would for any product.


Creating a Pricing Tier for Bulk Flower

Step 1: To create a new pricing tier, go to Product > Pricing Management > Add Pricing Tier. Or select ‘+ Create New Tier’ in the pricing section when you create a new product.

Step 2: Fill out the Pricing Tier details.

  • Label: Enter a name for the pricing tier. Short, descriptive titles work best.

  • Method: Select ‘Deli Style (Bulk Flower)’.

  • Pricing Config: Select how the system charges for flower sold at a weight between two pricing tiers.

    • In most cases, this setting favors the customer by providing the deepest discount.

    • In most cases, this setting favors the shop by providing a lesser discount.

    • Use the price of the previous tier: when the weight entered falls between two tiers, the price will be calculated using the price of the lower tier.

    • Use the price of 1g size: when the weight entered falls between two tiers, the full amount will be calculated using the 1 gram price.

  • Active Pricing Tier: When the toggle is on, the pricing tier is available for use.


Step 3: Fill out the pricing table.

  • Weight (g): Define the weight range each pricing tier should be associated with.

  • Tolerance Weight (g): Set how much you can sell over the weight of a tier before the pricing changes. If a purchase falls outside the tolerance weight, the price will calculate based on your selection in the ‘Pricing Config.’

  • To set the price for the tier, you can enter:

    • Price (per size): The price you want to charge for each tier or,

    • Price (per gram): The price you want to charge for each gram sold.

NOTE: If you enter the ‘Price (per gram)’ for each tier, it will automatically calculate the ‘Price (per size)’ based on the Weight (g) of the tier.


Step 4: Click Save. Now you’ll be able to select this pricing tier when you edit or create new bulk flower products.


Adding Bulk Flower to Inventory

After you create a bulk flower product, you can add inventory to it by creating and accepting a receiving invoice.

Step 1: Navigate to Inventory > Receiving Invoices.

Step 2: Click the ‘+’ icon to create a new invoice and fill out the ‘Edit invoice’ section as you would a regular invoice.

Step 3: Click the ‘+’ icon to add new items to the Invoice.

Step 4: Find the bulk flower product in the master product list and check the ‘Select’ box in the last column. Then click Add 1 Product.

NOTE: If the correct bulk flower product doesn’t exist yet, you can create a new product on the fly by clicking the ‘+’ icon in the lower right-hand corner.

Step 5: Fill out product info and then click Add Products.

  • Base Cost: enter the cost per gram (total cost divided by the number of grams).

  • Qty: enter the total number of grams received.


Step 6: Once all the products are added, click Accept All to add this to your inventory.

NOTE: In Arizona, before you can accept the product, you’ll be required to enter the external batch id (provided by the producer of the product) in ‘Ext Batch ID’ field on the invoice.



Splitting Bulk Flower into Batches

When you receive a bulk flower product, you can split the bulk amount into smaller amounts of weight called batches. Each batch has its own line in Inventory Control.

This allows you to take action on individual batches, like when you want to move one batch of flower to a different location and leave the remaining weight in another location. Or if you want to select a batch to convert into another product, or replenish (add weight) to another batch.
NOTE: When you split a batch of bulk flower, the batch will retain its Ext Batch ID.

Step 1: Navigate to Inventory Management > Inventory Control.

Step 2: Use the checkboxes to select the bulk flower product from the list and select Split.


Step 3: To divide the original batch into new batches that each have an equal number of units, enter your desired number of units per batch in the 'Batch Size' field and click Apply.

  • You can also manually distribute the units across the new batches by clicking the + Add Batch tile and entering your desired number of units in each batch tile.


For example, if the available weight for a product is 300g, you can enter a batch size of 100 to split it into 3 batches.

Step 4: Once you’re happy with the number of batches displayed, click Split into X Batches.


Replenishing a Bulk Flower Product from a Batch

When a batch of bulk flower product kept on your sales floor starts to get low, you can use the replenish tool to combine a new batch of product with the remaining weight of the batch of product on your sales floor. This allows you to keep track of how much weight remains at the front of the house for a product in a single line item on Inventory Control.

Step 1: Navigate to Inventory Management > Inventory Control.

Step 2: From the product list, select the bulk flower batch that is running low that you want to replenish (add inventory to) from another batch.


Step 3: In ‘Replenish Batch’ pop-up, select a batch to use to replenish the batch that is running low and then click Replenish.

  • Notice the ‘Total Weight’ amount in the top right corner will equal the total of the new batch amount and the remaining amount in the batch you are replenishing.



Converting Bulk Flower into Another Product

Sometimes you may want to use a portion of a bulk flower product to create another type of product (such as pre-rolls, pre-packed shake, etc.). You can use the pack tool to enter the amount of weight you are taking from a bulk flower product and pack that amount into another product.

NOTE: When you convert a batch of bulk flower, the batch will retain its Ext Batch ID.

Step 1: Navigate to Inventory Management > Inventory Control.

Step 2: Select the bulk flower product from the list that you want to convert into another product and then click Pack.


Step 3: In the convert pop-up, click Add Product. Then select the product you want to pack the bulk flower into from the list. For example, a pre-roll or a container of shake.

NOTE: You can only pack bulk flower into an existing product. If you want to pack the flower into a new product, you’ll need to first create it in product management.

Step 4: On the product tile, enter the quantity (Qty) in grams from the bulk flower product that you want to pack into this product.

Step 5: Weigh the remaining bulk flower product and enter the amount into the ‘Enter Remaining Weight’ field.

  • If there is a difference between the actual remaining weight and the weight recorded in your inventory, it will show in the ‘Loss’ amount in the top right corner. This is the amount that is unaccounted for and needs to be adjusted in your inventory.

    • If you pack the product with an amount in the Loss area, this amount will be removed from the bulk flower's Inventory.

    • The loss amount will appear in the Inventory Adjustment Report under the bulk flower product (the activity column will say 'Loss').



Selling Bulk Flower Deli-style

To learn how to sell products in SellTreez (Point of Sale), first, familiarize yourself with processing transactions in Treez and then read this section for additional instructions for selling a bulk flower product.

NOTE: If you are in Arizona, you’ll need to follow additional steps to report purchase limit changes to the AZDHS.

Step 1: From the cart screen, scan or select a bulk flower product to add it to the cart.

Step 2: A pop-up will appear with the product name and the flat price per 1g. Select Add to Cart.


Step 3: Using the keypad, enter the weight (in grams) the customer is purchasing and click Add to Cart.

  • The price will calculate automatically based on the weight and the pricing type assigned to the product.

Step 4: After the deli-style product is added to the cart, a label will print for you to affix to the package of flower for the customer.

Step 5: When the order is complete, click Checkout and enter the payment received from the customer.
NOTE: In Arizona, you will see the purchase limit table with the final amounts purchased. You’ll need to report these amounts to the AZDHS website.

Step 6: Finish the transaction and click Done.


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