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Why are My METRC Packages Being “Finished” and "Unfinished” by Treez?
Why are My METRC Packages Being “Finished” and "Unfinished” by Treez?
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You may have noticed in your METRC package histories that Treez has performed “Finished” or “Unfinished” actions on packages.

What does it mean to finish a package in METRC?

Packages in METRC are to be finished when its inventory has been reduced to zero either through sales, adjustments, repackaging or creation of new packages. Finished packages will be moved to the “Inactive” tab within the METRC Packages page. Finished packages cannot be actioned on, in most cases, but can be “Unfinished” if actions do need to be taken on that package such as adjusting inventory and subsequently, reporting additional sales on that package. Finishing packages is a requirement by regulators in most markets and helps keep the METRC platform running optimally by reducing active packages.

What Does it Mean to Unfinish a package in METRC?

Finished packages cannot be actioned upon in METRC meaning that no further adjustments or sales can be reported for the package while finished. If inventory needs to be adjusted to bring it above 0, for example, to report a sale or additional inventory is found during an inventory count, licensees will need to unfinish the package before they can take these actions. When you perform an inventory adjustment or a sale in Treez, Treez will attempt to unfinish packages automatically before reporting the relevant action.

Why is Treez Finishing or Unfinishing packages?

To keep licensees METRC inventory as accurate as possible, Treez will automatically finish packages that have not been actioned upon for more than 7 days. When Treez automatically finishes a package in METRC, you will see an entry in the package history indicating a Finish action by the Treez API has taken place.

If a sale or adjustment is showing in the Compliance Management module within Treez and is subsequently resent to METRC, Treez will check if the relevant package(s) are finished. If a finished package is found, the package must be unfinished before Treez can attempt to report the sale or adjustment on your behalf. In the event the package is unfinished, but the sale or adjustment could not be resent to METRC, you may see a line item indicating the package was unfinished by Treez with no subsequent sale or adjustment action made on the package. The sale or adjustment will typically show up in Compliance Management again after the resend was attempted.

For these actions, you may need to manually report the sale or adjustment and provide information that may have been missing that prevented the sale from being reported. The missing information is generally noted in the Error column of Compliance Management. These errors come directly from METRC and should provide the context you need to manually report the sale. You can then use the Dismiss action in compliance management in Treez to remove the sale or adjustment and indicate that you have addressed this manually. Once the adjustment or sale has been reported manually, you can finish the package in METRC again, if appropriate, or you can let Treez automatically finish the package for you in 7 days.

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