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How Do I Split a Package in METRC?
How Do I Split a Package in METRC?
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How do I split a package in METRC?


Step 1: Log in to your METRC portal and navigate to Packages > Active.

Step 2: Identify the parent package you'd like to split units out of and click the row to select it. It will be highlighted in orange when selected.

Step 3: Click New Packages.

Step 4: In the 'New Tag' field, enter an unused package tag # which will become the new child package you're creating.

Step 5: In the 'Item' field, type the name of the item you're splitting.

  • When splitting a package of a single product, the Item name will always be the same as its parent package, as the Item remains the same even though it's being put into a new package #.

  • When splitting a package because there are multiple different products in a single package, the Item name will be whatever Item you're removing from the original package to put into its own package.

Step 6: In both 'Quantity' fields, enter the amount and unit of measure that you're splitting out into the new child package. Though it may seem counterintuitive, these fields should match on both the left and right. (The 'Quantity' fields on the left indicate what will be created in the new package, and the 'Quantity' fields on the right indicate what will be removed from the original package.)

Step 7: Click today to the right of the 'Package Date' field and leave the 'Production Batch' checkbox unchecked.

Step 8: Click the green Create Packages button.

Step 9: Navigate to SellTreez > Inventory > Purchasing > Invoices


After navigating to invoices and pressing on the orange + button, search by packages, (not by manifests) and import the newly created package.

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