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METRC Packages and Tags
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How do I order package tags?

To order package tags, Metrc users with the necessary permissions can log into Metrc and navigate to Admin > Tag Orders > New Tag Order, fill out the required information and click Place Order.

NOTE: The BCC is granting the ability to order tag on an individual basis, so don’t be surprised if your maximum tag allowance is set to ‘0’ when you first log in. You'll need to reach out with a CSV export of your current inventory details and request your desired number in order to be granted an allowance of any kind.

How do I ‘receive’ (or 'activate') my package tags?

Once you physically have your package tags in-hand, they’ll need to be ‘received’ in Metrc. Only after your tags have been received will they be available for use during your Starting Inventory upload and beyond. To activate your tags, log into Metrc and navigate to Admin > Tag Orders and click Receive. To view your activated tags, head to Admin > Tags > Active.

How do I secure my tag allowance and/or request an increase in package tags?

When you initially access your Metrc portal, you'll only be allowed to order a limited number of package tags. To secure your tag allowance, you'll need to email the BCC ([email protected]) with a CSV export of all items in your inventory (we recommend using the Inventory Valuation report Reports > Inventory > Valuation for this), along with your desired number of tags. They’ll review your list and if accepted, they’ll increase/grant your tag ordering limit. Make sure the list of inventory you send to the BCC includes only the following information for each item:

  • Item name

  • Product type (e.g. vape cartridge, tincture, edible)

  • Amount

  • Unit of Measure

  • Quantity

  • Invoice ID / Batch ID

Note: we recommend renaming your "Amount" column to "Size" and removing any mention of the amount and/or potency from the product name to avoid unnecessary back-and-forth with the BCC.

Where do I need to stick the physical package tag labels/stickers?

A copy of the barcode and package ID must be kept with all inventory of the package at all times. (e.g. If you have a package with 100 tinctures, and you keep 75 in back of house, 24 on the sales floor, and 1 in a display case, you need a copy of the package label at each of these locations.) Each label sticker is perforated, allowing you to separate it into two pieces, one for each of two locations. However, if you keep inventory in more than two locations in your store (like in our example), you can also photocopy and print additional copies of the label to keep with the inventory in additional locations.

If you keep inventory in storage bins or boxes, you can use adhesive plastic sleeves like these, which allow you to keep the package label inside without stickering it onto your bin. This also makes it easier for you to store the tag after the inventory is out, which while not required for retailers, we recommend as a best practice.

Am I required to keep old package tags after their inventory is out?

The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), which oversees cultivation licensees in CA, is the only state agency that requires 'expired' package tags to be stored after the package is finished. However, even though retailers aren't overseen by the CDFA, we recommend keeping used tags in a binder or file folder organized by month for as a record-keeping best practice.


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