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Coupons - Central Manual Discount Management
Coupons - Central Manual Discount Management
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Treez’s coupon functionality allows you to create a coupon code and/or barcode associated with a manual cart discount.

Scanning a physical coupon code using a barcode scanner in the Point of Sale is effectively the same as pressing a Cart Discount button.

To create a coupon, start by creating a Manual Cart discount, and add coupon codes to it. Multiple coupons can also be applied to an order, just like if the cashier pressed the cart discount button more than once.


Because they are manual cart discounts, coupons interact with the stacking configuration of automatic discounts in the same manner. For example, in a store with super-stacking manual discounts off, if a manual cart discount on a particular line item is greater than a non-stackable automatic discount, the coupon will apply, and the non-stackable automatic discount will not.

Create a Coupon

Navigate to the Dashboard >Discounts > Manual Discounts

Add or Edit a Cart Discount

    • Ensure you’ve selected This is a cart discount under Discount Type

Edit Discount Requirements

  • Check the Require coupon box
    Requiring a coupon mandates that a coupon barcode be scanned or typed in to apply the discount in the POS cart. This prevents the cashier from manually applying the discount tied to the coupon by using the cashier button.

  • (Optional) Require manager PIN - If you require a manager PIN to be used to approve use of the coupon, check the Require manager PIN box.

Add the Coupon

  • Enter Coupon Name

  • Click + Add Coupon

  • (Optional) Set the Validity period of the coupon. These settings allow for pre-scheduling a time in the future when the coupon will become active, as well as when the coupon will expire or become inactive. Dates and times are in the local time zone of the store.

  • Click Done Editing to save your settings and complete the wizard.

Barcode Scanning at Point of Sale

When creating scannable coupons, we recommend using 1D barcodes. This will enable the easiest, fastest, and most reliable scanning.

Coupons can also be generated in common formats such as QR Code or Code-128. While longer barcodes will work, to increase reliability and speed of scanning, keep the barcodes short, such as 10 characters. It is also recommended to test out the barcode by scanning in the point of sale before mass printing or sending out an image of a scannable coupon barcode.

Please note: To generate a barcode, you can enter the coupon code into a barcode generator of your choosing.

Please Note for the following two sections: To apply a coupon either by a barcode scan or manually, the POS user applying the coupon must also belong to a role that has the Discount Management/View Organization Discounts permissions.

Applying a Coupon by Barcode Scan

In the SellTreez POS, scan a coupon as you would a product barcode. Any subsequent cart item added will have the cart discount applied if the stacking rules allow it to be. If you have items in the cart already before scanning the coupon, they will also have the coupon applied if applicable.

Apply Manually in the Point of Sale

To apply a coupon manually, such as when a physical barcode scanner is unavailable, you can use the Discounts menu to enter the code by hand.

In SellTreez POS, press the Discount button

Press the “COUPONS” tab, enter the coupon code and press “APPLY COUPON”

The coupon will now show on applicable ticket lines as a cart discount

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