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How Do I Edit a Discount Centrally?
Written by Treez Admin
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How do I edit a discount centrally?


Navigate to Central Manual Discount Dashboard

  • Locate the discount in discount table you wish to edit

  • Click on ellipsis directly to the left of discount

    • Click “Edit”

  • This will launch same page view and sub-section UI/UX highlighted in Add Discount flow above

  • Hit “Next” to scroll though the pages to locate the parameter you wish to edit

    • Editable fields on Discount Information Page = Global Conditions, Discount Type, Requirements

    • Editable fields on Store Selector Page = Subset of stores client to include/exclude from discount

  • After you edit desired parameters, do a final review and hit “Finish”

    • Edited discount saved

Note: After launching “Edit”, user will navigate through same screens/flow as indicated above for “Add Discount”

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