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How Do I Create Manual Discounts Centrally?
How Do I Create Manual Discounts Centrally?
Written by Treez Admin
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How do I create manual discounts centrally?


Navigate to Treez Dashboard > Discounts

  • Click the + Add Discount” button in top right corner

  • Input the following manual discount information:

    • Discount Name

    • Global Conditions - $ vs % and amount

    • Discount Type - Cart vs. Item

    • Discount Requirements - Manager Pin & Reason

  • Hit “Next”

  • Select Stores

    • “Search” for specific stores

    • Apply/Unapply the discount to all locations (“all stores” checkbox)

    • Apply/Unapply the discount to only select locations (individual store checkboxes)

  • After selecting all or desired locations, hit “Next”

  • Review Page”, verify the discount parameters and selected locations

  • Click “Finish” to save the discount

    • Upon hitting Finish, the discount will be automatically “activated”

    • Can be deactivated easily via dash. See Deactivate / Reactivate

Note: Client can view previous page and edit at any time before saving/persisting the new discount.

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