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TreezSupport: Resetting Passwords on Treez eCommerce
TreezSupport: Resetting Passwords on Treez eCommerce
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Setting or resetting a customer's eCommerce password can be done via the customer profile within Customer Management. The steps below can be used to set up a new customer or reset an existing customer's password. When setting up a new customer, ensure their Phone number has been entered into their Treez customer profile.

NOTE: If a customer calls your dispensary regarding a password reset be sure to verify their identity before proceeding with the following steps. It is important to verify their identity as updating their password in this way provides the caller with a password will allow them access to an eCommerce account which may contain documents linked to their Treez profile such as copies of a driver's license and/or medical documents.

Step 1: Navigate to Customer > Customer Management



Step 2: Use the search box in customer management to search for the customer by their Phone Number. To change the search parameter, use the drop-down selector.


Step 3: Once in the customer's profile, click "Reset Password"


Step 4: Enter a temporary password, then confirm the password by entering it again in the second box.


Step 5: Click the Reset Password button to save the new password.


Step 6: Advise the customer to refresh their browser and log in to Treez eCommerce using the new password you just entered for them.

Step 7: Advise the Customer they can reset their password to one of their own choosing for security now that they are logged in by navigating the menu and clicking Account.


Step 8: Once in the account menu, select "Change Password".


Step 9: In the popup box, enter the current password (this is the password you just set for them and was used to login), then enter their new desired password and confirm the new password.


Step 10: Click the "Save" button to save the new password.

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