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SellTreez Product Update 18.1.0
Written by Treez Admin
Updated over a week ago



Sell Treez > Retail > POS

  • Round down function is working correctly.

  • Correct cashier is recorded on tickets checked out in POS and recorded in POS Ticket Adjustment.

SellTreez > Retail > Fulfillment & POS > Receipt printing

  • Rewards dollars earned and Total Rewards dollars display as expected on printed receipts.

Sell Treez > Inventory > Inventory Management

  • Resolved an issue where rounding was preventing batches from being split. Batches now split as expected.

SellTreez > Product Management

  • Adds the Amount and UoM fields to the Pill Treez Product Category


Customer API

  • Implemented historical data fix to cleanup duplicate address types in the Customer API.

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