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What is ACH?
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Note: The limit to how much customers can purchase in a single transaction for ACH is $999.

TreezPay ACH is a digital payment solution that provides your customers with a convenient way to pay for their online orders using their mobile devices.

When using ACH, how a customer pays for their order depends on which payment process you choose to configure.

There are two ACH payment process options to choose from:


When a customer places an order on your Treez eCommerce menu or through any Treez-integrated orders partner, they’ll receive a text message from Stronghold containing a link which allows them to pay for their order via Stronghold. With that link, they’ll be able to securely link their bank account for seamless repeat checkout — no account creation required. Once the customer links their account, they’ll simply need to confirm the items and total amount being charged to them, and tap ‘Pay’. Once they click pay, the order total will be authorized.


To configure this option in SellTreez, navigate to Configuration > Config Page > Integration > Webhook Integration



The Stronghold bank linking, and payment page is embedded into the Payment and Checkout pages of your eCommerce menu and allows customers to authorize payment for orders without ever leaving the Treez menu. Customers can link a new bank account by logging in through their selected banking provider or pay with the tap of a button using a previously linked account. After linking, they’ll simply need to confirm the items and order total and select ‘Pay Now’. The checkout button text can be configured in Configurations > Config Page > eCommerce > General Requirements.


You can also embed Stronghold payments directly into your Treez eCommerce menu, allowing customers can link their bank account once and can use the same linked account to pay for future orders.

To configure your eCommerce page, navigate to Configuration > Config Page > Point of Sale > Payment Types > Payment Types and flip the toggle to "on".


Fill out the payment providers settings by navigating to Configuration > Config Page > Point of Sale > Payment Types > Payment Provider Settings


  • API URL: [leave default]

  • JS Library: [leave default]

  • 4&5. Publishable and Secret API Keys: Get from Stronghold Developers tab*

  • Environment Type: Live

  • Enabled: Green

  • Integrated: Green

  • Stronghold Ecommerce ACH: Green

  • SAVE

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