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What Does the TreezPay ACH Onboarding Process Entail?
What Does the TreezPay ACH Onboarding Process Entail?
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Getting started with TreezPay ACH is a breeze, and believe it or not, it typically takes about 30 minutes. After you’re approved, Stronghold will schedule a time for training and set up. This process includes defining your fees, configuring your SMS messages, and walking you through what your customers and budtenders will see when using TreezPay ACH.

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Do I need to submit my logo during the onboarding process? What are the specifications?

Yes, your logo is required for certain elements of the integration. For example, we display your shop’s logo on the page where customers confirm their payment to your dispensary. The ideal specifications are 500 x 500 px.

How do I access my Stronghold Merchant Portal?

After your application is approved, Stronghold will send you login instructions to access your Stronghold Merchant Dashboard where you can view transaction-level reporting and settlement information. If you need help accessing your Stronghold Merchant Portal, please contact Stronghold Support.

What fees are operators subject to?

Standard fees are 3.9% of the order total plus $0.50/transaction*. The ability to automatically collect fees from your customers to offset this cost is built into the integration. Subject to change.

* Fees subject to change. Please reach out to Stronghold or your Treez Account Manager to confirm.

How can operators recoup fees from customers?

The integration with Treez allows you to apply flat dollar amount fees to TreezPay ACH orders to offset operating fees in the form of a convenience fee. During the onboarding process, your Customer Success Manager will help you decide what amount makes sense for your business and set up your fee structure. Convenience fees are collected during the Stronghold checkout process and are not recorded in or collected by SellTreez POS. Only the actual order total, less any convenience fees configured in Stronghold is recorded in Treez reporting and on the receipts generated by SellTreez.

How are Convenience fees applied?

Convenience fees will automatically be applied to the order when the customer is authorizing their prepayment, and the fees collected will be reflected in your daily deposits from Stronghold.

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