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Customer List Dashboard - Retail Analytics
Customer List Dashboard - Retail Analytics
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The Customer List Dashboard is a tool that allows you to download and export raw customer data for your analyses and integration. This dashboard contains information for all customers who have checked in to your store(s).

Login to the Latest Version of Treez and navigate to Dashboard > Retail Analytics > Customer > Customer List

Within the control panel, you can filter by the location, sign-up date range, last visit date range, and opted in to narrow down a particular group of customers for analysis.

Email, First Name and Last Name filters allows you to search for specific customers. The Banned Customer filter gives you quick access to the list of customers who have been banned from your store.


The Customer List Dashboard feature includes Personal Identifiable Information (PII), such as customer names, dates of birth, and physician information. Consequently, this release will not be immediately available for all users via the UI by default.

As an Admin, your roll will allow you to navigate to Retail Analytics > Settings to configure permissions for this dashboard based on user roles. Enabling access for Admin roles will grant all users within that role access to this dashboard and the export feature.

Please Note: We recommend reviewing the users assigned to Admin roles within your organization first to ensure people who get access to this tool are up to date.

We also advise reviewing the list of users assigned to Admin roles within your organization prior to enabling access to this dashboard and export information.

Ensuring that only relevant individuals have access helps maintain data security and compliance.

Export the Table

To export the list, click on the three dots in the top right corner to download the table as either CSV or Excel.

Available Data Points

Available data points are as follows:

  • Store Name

  • Customer ID

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email

  • Phone

  • Opted In?

  • Gender

  • DOB

  • Customer Sign-up Date

  • Last Visit

  • First Warning

  • Second Warning

  • Banned

  • Referral Source

  • Groups

  • Customer Type

  • Profile Note

  • Physician Info

  • Address

  • Is Employee?

  • Lifetime Spend

  • Lifetime Discount users

  • Total # of Visits

  • Total # of Transactions

  • Current # of Rewards

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