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AIQ Loyalty Opt-in: Membership Agreement
AIQ Loyalty Opt-in: Membership Agreement
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Navigate to Customer > Membership Agreement

View or launch the newly populated customer membership agreement form

    • Status = “RENEWAL”

Upon signing and accepting terms, loyalty consent prompt will populate

  • Customer adds phone and email

  • Customer consents by checking box and selecting “DONE”

    • If customer does not check box they will not be signed up for AIQ loyalty

  • Customer AIQ loyalty account created and linked with Treez

    • AIQ loyalty will now = “YES” on customer profile


The customer will receive a one-time SMS from AIQ to opt-into communications upon consenting

    • If the customer selects no they will still be opted into loyalty but will not receive SMS

    • Customer can opt-in at any point directly through AIQ

Customer email communication opt-in is controlled directly in clients AIQ portal

    • IF this is enabled, they will be auto opted into email during Treez/AIQ signup

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