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How Do I Link an Existing AIQ Customer at the Point of Sale?
How Do I Link an Existing AIQ Customer at the Point of Sale?
Written by Treez Admin
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How do I link an existing AIQ customer at the Point of Sale?


In the event an existing AIQ customer is checked in directly from customer queue or POS and bypasses customer management altogether, the user can then opt to link them directly from POS. Once linked, the user can launch their wallet using the same UI component used to link them.


  • Check-in a customer via the customer queue or directly from the POS

  • Select “Redeem AIQ Rewards”

  • If AIQ customer exists;

    • Treez will surface a confirm phone/email and link message

If the user selects OK:

    • Treez grabs AIQ customer ID and the customer is now linked to Treez

    • “Alpine IQ Loyalty” will now convert to “Yes”

    • Customer is now ready for POS reward redemption

If the user selects Cancel:

    • Customer will not be linked to Treez


  1. Treez will not update customers communication opt-in preferences when linking existing AIQ customers

    1. Communication opt-in preferences will stay in current state and can be changed by either retailer or customer directly through AIQ

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