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New Customer AIQ Loyalty Signup: Customer Management
New Customer AIQ Loyalty Signup: Customer Management
Written by Treez Admin
Updated over a week ago
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For customers who have not already signed up or opted into Alpine IQ loyalty, Treez now supports a native signup / opt-in flow through customer management and membership agreement. To signup a new AIQ customer through Treez and get their explicit consent to loyalty opt-in, follow the below steps.


Navigate to Customer > Customer Management

  • Launch the customer profile through the scanner or via search functionality

  • Upon creating or editing customer, scroll down to “Alpine IQ Loyalty” toggle or right side of page

    • Note: Toggle is only visible in edit mode. If viewing a profile, this will show either “Yes” or “No” to indicate if they are already linked with Treez

  • Toggle the “Alpine IQ Loyalty” to enabled

  • Save the customer profile

  • Prompt will appear “To join loyalty program, customer needs to sign the membership agreement”

Select OK:

  • New membership agreement will populate

Select Cancel

  • Flow is terminated

    • You can edit the profile and re-start loyalty signup flow at later time

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