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Reserved and P&R Units in Inventory Adjustment
Reserved and P&R Units in Inventory Adjustment
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Navigate to Inventory > Inventory Management > Inventory Adjustment

Clicking the hyperlink of Reserved or P&R (Packed and Ready) units will display a pop up with the list of ticket IDs, representing saved sales or draft receipts, holding the inventory. The tickets can be looked up in the POS under Saved Sales or Draft Receipts. Click on the blue banner to navigate there directly.

If there is an issue retrieving all ticket ID(s) associated with the reserved inventory, the popup will include the option to resync reserved inventory by selecting ‘Continue’.

PLEASE NOTE: Any quantity adjustments you have previously entered in the ‘Total Counted’ column, MUST be saved or your progress will be lost if you select the Continue button from this screen. Select Cancel to continue with adjustments.

1) No active sale found:

2) Some active sales have been found but at least one could not be found:

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