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Reciprocity for Out of State Medical Sales
Reciprocity for Out of State Medical Sales

Ensure your out-of-state patient sales are reporting correctly to METRC by recording the State that issued the patients Medical Card.

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Medical reciprocity allows individuals with valid medical cannabis cards from one state to purchase cannabis in another state that recognizes reciprocity. In some states where this is supported, for example, Missouri, when a sale is made to someone with a medical card from another state, it must be recorded in Metrc as an "External Patient” sales customer type, indicating that the patient is out of state and also requires the name of the state that issued the patients medical ID card to be recorded in the “Identification Method” as part of the sale transaction when it is sent to METRC.

If you would like to utilize this feature, please contact Treez Support to enable it.

Editing and Saving Customer Profile

Navigate to Customer > Customer Management > Choose Customer

In the customer profile, the Medical ID State field will appear under the State Medical ID# field and will be populated with a default selection shown as “Select a Medical State”. Once a state has been set in this field, it may be updated but can not be reverted back to the default “Select a Medical State” option.

New customers created by the External Customer API will also show with the default “Select Medical State” as a Medical ID State cannot be set via the external API.

If a state is not selected, any sales pushed to METRC will have a default Identification Method of “Out of State MMJ ID Card” which may cause the sale to be rejected by METRC in Markets where the Identification Method is required to be listed as the state of issuance.

In the Medical ID State field, please enter the the state that issued the Medical ID, even if it is your home state. This will help determine what "Consumer Type" is sent to METRC when patients make purchases at your dispensary.

If users attempt to save a customer profile in Customer Management without setting the Medical State, the user will be prompted with an error message indicating the Medical ID State is required. Users must set a medical ID state to save the medical profile.

Checking in Patients

When checking in medical customers after enabling this feature, users will be prompted with an in app message prompting them to configure the Medical ID State and will not allow patients to be checked in until the profile update is made.

When checking in a patient form the Directory, the following error will be displayed:

Adding Patients to a SellTreez Cart

When adding a patient to a SellTreez cart from POS, the following error message will be displayed:

Additional Notes

  • Currently, only Customer Management (desktop) supports this feature. The medical ID state cannot be recorded through the External Customer API and the iOS intake app, however, those existing workflows will work as expected without this data.

  • If a customer is created via the External Customer API and a subsequent order is submitted, dispensary staff may need to edit the customer profile in Customer Management by visiting Customer Management directly or by clicking on the customer tile in SellTreez POS and clicking the "Edit Profile" button in the profile drawer slide out from the left side of the screen to add the Medical ID state to the customer profile (and save it) before completing the order. Doing so will ensure that the patient information sent to METRC includes the Medical ID state designation in the “Identification Method” (METRC) field. Optionally, if the customer is checked in through customer management before picking up their order, Customer Management will prompt the user to enter this information before allowing the customer to check-in.

  • For external patient sales completed without the medical ID State (ie. the Metrc Identification Method), the sale will fail to report to Metrc in some markets and will be shown as a sales error in Compliance Management. These sales can be exported and manually uploaded to Metrc by updating the Identification Method column for each row in the exported CSV with a valid Identification Method prior to uploading to Metrc. The customer profiles related to the affected sales should also be updated with the medical ID state so any future sales, moving forward, can be automatically sent to Metrc successfully. Updating the Medical ID State on a customer profile and then attempting to resend a previously failed sale due to the Medical ID State missing will not be resent with the updated Identification Method and will continue to fail, they must be manually recorded in METRC or uploaded to METRC.

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