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Messaging Requirements
Messaging Requirements
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When you are communicating directly with customers through fulfillment chat or through your configured notifications, you are legally bound to comply with SHAFT+ and CTIA rules and regulations to ensure compliance and service.


SHAFT+ filters look for two things:

  • Terms directly related to marketing in general (i.e., sales, discounts, discount amounts, etc.)

  • Terms related to SHAFT+ (Sex, Hate, Alcohol, Firearms, Tobacco, Cannabis)

A high volume of marketing terms, any volume of cannabis terms, or a combination of both will trigger these filters to block individual messages. Enough messages being blocked will eventually lead to a messaging provider disabling your account. If you need to discuss a specific product with a banned name, please attempt to contact customers directly over the phone or through email. Please read through the following resources to understand what rules your messaging must adhere to.

Carrier Guidelines for SHAFT+ Violations

Disclaimer: Replacing letters in these words with emojis, numbers, Unicode, or the like will not beat SHAFT+ filters. They are smart enough to understand which of these symbols have traditionally been used to replace normal characters.

Banned Words

Do not include any of the words below in your customer messaging. The list below is not exhaustive of all banned words. For more information, please consult the resources linked above.

  • Cannabis

    • Canna

    • MJ

    • Marijuana

    • Tree

    • Turtle

    • Skunk

    • Grass

    • Mary Jane

    • Weed

    • Reefer

    • Ganja

    • Herb

    • Pot

    • Dope

    • Chronic

    • Nug

    • Herb

  • Cartridges

    • Carts

    • Cxrt

    • Cart$

  • Concentrate

    • Concentrates

    • Dabs

    • Dab

    • Hash

    • Hashish

    • Oil

    • Erl

    • Extract

    • Shatter

    • Sh@tter

    • Kief

    • Keef

    • Terp

    • Terps

    • Wax

  • Dispensary

    • Dispo

    • Dispensary Name if it contains any banned words

  • Edible

    • Edibles

  • Kush

    • Ku$h

    • k.u.s.h.

  • Sativa

  • Indica

  • Preroll

    • P-roll

    • Proll

    • Pre-roll

    • Prer0ll

    • Blunt

    • Joint

    • Doobie

  • Paraphernalia

    • Bong

    • Vape

    • One-hitter

    • Chillum

    • Pipe

  • Strains

    • Blue Dream

    • Purple Kush

    • Sour Diesel

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