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SellTreez: What should I do if I transferred a package with previous sales out of my license?
SellTreez: What should I do if I transferred a package with previous sales out of my license?
Written by Treez Admin
Updated over a week ago

It’s vital that you NEVER transfer a package that's had sales made from it. ALWAYS split packages before transferring inventory, even if you're transferring the entire remaining quantity of a package. Transferring a package with previous sales can cause several issues:

  • You're required to maintain all historical sales data on all packages, but because sales records are linked to the package itself, this transfers the sales records out of your license and to the recipient of the transfer.

  • If you transfer a package out, any units from the transferred package won't be able to be returned by customers (e.g. a defective cartridge) because that package no longer lives in your Metrc, and there's nowhere for the unit to return to.

  • If a sale runs into an error when being sent to Metrc (due to an API outage, for example) and the package is transferred out before the sale can be successfully recorded, the sale will be blocked when resending because the package is no longer in your license.

That being said, mistakes happen. When a sale, return, or adjustment is unable to be recorded in Metrc because the package has been transferred out, certain messages will accompany these errors on the Metrc Control page.

  • “Package 123456789 does not exist in the current Facility.”

  • “Package 123456789 is in Transit and cannot have its contents sold.”

  • “Package 123456789 cannot be adjusted because it is part of an existing Transfer.”

If you encounter these errors, Dismiss the affected sales and adjustments on the Metrc Control page, and contact Metrc support for further instructions. Also, to ensure the inventory won’t continue being sold, remove the items from Treez by using the Return function in Inventory Control, if you haven’t already.

Tip: When a package that has been transferred out appears on the True Up page, it will be unable to be trued-up because the adjustment will be rejected by Metrc with one of the errors above. If you encounter this, please contact Treez Support for assistance removing the package from the True Up page.

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