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SellTreez: METRC Medical Updates Colorado 2022
SellTreez: METRC Medical Updates Colorado 2022
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Please Note: This pertains to Colorado only. You can find more information here - Metrc Support Bulletin

There are Metrc Medical Updates for Colorado 2022!

Below describes an error you may see, what causes it and how to resolve it.


<METRCITEMNAME> requires Unit THC Percent


Licensees are required to update their existing items within the following categories to include Unit THC Content, Unit Weight, or THC %.

If this is not updated, you will receive the following error in Compliance Management:

Please note that there are 3 items in this error message, all with the same error, so the true error is "<METRCITEMNAME> requires Unit THC Percent"



Please Note: If you are a vertically integrated operator, you will need to go into your Distribution License Portal in Metrc, then go to "Admin" from the drop-down menu.

To update existing items please use the following steps:
1. Go to the Items section of Metrc. which you will find under the ADMIN tab
2. Within the Items section, find all items under the categories outlined above.
3. Once the item(s) that will need to be updated are found, select the “Edit Items” button


4. Select the item(s) to be edited, the Edit Items action window will pop up as shown below
and enter the Unit THC Content for that item.


5. After confirming the accuracy of the information entered within the Unit THC Content, select the
“Save Items” button.
6. The item will be updated accordingly, and the newly entered Unit THC Content will be
visible within the item’s grid.


TIP: You can find more information here - Metrc Support Bulletin

Please Note:

If you have products by 3rd party vendors which have not been updated by that vendor, you will need to manually upload the sales into Metrc in real time and dismiss the sales from Metrc control in Treez.

If you have updated the THC and unit weight fields for your distribution license your sales will push into Metrc from Treez. Only dismiss sales that were manually uploaded into Metrc due to the vendor not updating these fields.


If a licensee has not updated their items by January 1st, there will still be the ability for the Medical Store licensee to input that information to mitigate any items from being sold to a patient within the licensees existing inventory. This does require that you upload in real time for MEDICAL sales.

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