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Using METRC - Special Circumstances
Using METRC - Special Circumstances
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How do I let Metrc know that I’ve had products stolen?

To report stolen goods, you should submit your count of the affected package on the Inventory Adjustment page in Treez and use the reason ‘Theft'. When selecting this adjustment reason, remember that Metrc requires you to submit a police report (via email to Metrc and the BCC) as proof.

How should I record staff or promotional sample units in Metrc?

In order to enforce purchase limits and ensure compliant reporting, all staff and promotional samples need to be processed as a sale transaction. Because staff or promotional samples are typically given away free of charge, we recommend discounting the units to $0.01 to reduce the cost of the sample product to nearly free, as regulations restrict discounting a product fully to $0. Then, process the transaction as usual in SellTreez, which will automatically report the sale to Metrc. Keep in mind that unless the units were designated as sample products at the time their package was created, they are still subject to any applicable excise tax based on their AMP.

How should I record display sample units in Metrc and Treez?

If you'd like to open and set aside a sample unit of product to display (e.g. placing an eighth of flower in a jar so customers can view or smell it) there are a couple steps you need to take to keep your inventory properly tracked in both Treez and Metrc.

First, you need to make sure the display item is prevented from being accidentally sold, as open product cannot be sold to consumers. We recommend moving the sample unit to an unsellable location (e.g. 'Display Samples') so it can't be purchased, but your records of having this item on-site are still maintained.

Then, once the sample is no longer needed, you also need to make sure the unit is removed from Metrc and disposed of compliantly. When the sample is done being used, navigate to the Inventory Adjustment page and adjust the count of the package down by 1 unit using the reason 'Display Sample' to remove the unit from Metrc. Follow standard waste procedures to destroy and dispose of the physical product.


If you are using the term "Trade Samples", CA no longer requires these to be sold and now advises that they be marked out of inventory with an adjustment using the METRC adjustment reason "Trade Sample". CA also requires that a note is attached to the adjustment with the employee's name and/or employee number and the date the trade sample was physically handed to the employee.


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