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SellTreez: Notification Configurations
SellTreez: Notification Configurations
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SMS receipt is discontinued as of 10.1.21.

As orders are pushed through the different stages of the Fulfillment dashboard — Pending Verification, Awaiting Processing, Order in Process etc. — customers can receive messages to keep them informed of their order’s status. This configuration allows you to specify at what order stages customers will receive a notification, what the message will say, and gives you the option to further tailor the notification by order type and source.


Order-Specific Notifications

Order-specific notifications are composed of three parts: Main Settings, Message Settings, and Additional Settings.

  • Main Settings: In main settings, you can select the primary criteria that will be used to determine if a notification is triggered to be sent to your customers. Additionally, you can choose to give 3rd party integration partners the ability to send this notification for orders created through their platform. Lastly, you can set the notification to be active or deactivated.

    • Notification Type: Select the type of notification to be sent.

    • Order Status: Select which order status triggers this message to be sent.

      • Pending Verification

      • Awaiting Processing

      • In Process

      • Packed and Ready

      • Out for Delivery

      • Canceled

      • Completed

    • Days of Week: Select which day(s) of the week this notification will be triggered.

      • S = Sunday

      • M = Monday

      • T = Tuesday

      • W = Wednesday

      • Th = Thursday

      • F = Friday

      • S = Saturday

    • Time of Day: Select what time of day this notification will be triggered.

      • 'All Day' will trigger this message at any time of day.

      • If a range is selected, this notification will not trigger outside of the selected range.

    • Send only within these dates: Select what date range this notification will be triggered.

      • If you do not select a range, this will default to all times.

      • If a range is selected, this notification will not trigger outside of the selected range.

    • Integrations: By default, 3rd party eCommerce integrations that submit tickets to your Fulfillment Dashboard will not be sent Treez notifications.

      • If you leave the checkbox unchecked, notifications will not be sent for orders received by 3rd party eCommerce integrations.

        • Orders generated In Treez POS or by Treez eCommerce will still send notifications.

      • If you check the checkbox, Treez will send notifications for orders received by 3rd party eCommerce integration platforms that submit tickets to your Treez fulfillment dashboard.

NOTE: If you select 'Enable API to send notifications' you may want to disable messages on the 3rd party eCommerce integration platform so customers do not receive messages from both Treez and the partner platform.

NOTE: If you are using TreezPay ACH and a 3rd party eCommerce integration, you will want to Enable API to send notifications for the notification that would send the TreezPay payment link so your customers can prepay for orders placed by your 3rd Party eCommerce platform.

  • Message Settings: Select your preferred message from the available predefined message templates.

NOTE: Due to SHAFT+ Guidelines, we cannot currently offer custom messages in the Text field. Only predefined message templates can be selected.

  • Additional Settings: Extend granularity by applying a specific order type and/or order source to the notification.

    • Order Types: Select which order types – selected in Treez POS, Treez eCommerce, or by your 3rd party integrator – should trigger this notification.

    • Order Sources: Select which order sources should trigger this notification.

    • Payment Status: Select a payment status that should trigger this notification.

      • Unpaid: Tickets marked as 'Unpaid' in Treez POS/eCommerce or as designated by a 3rd party integrator.

      • Paid: Tickets marked as 'Paid' through Treez eCommerce or as designated by a 3rd party integrator.

      • Authorized: Tickets marked as 'Authorized' – the customer's bank account has been verified, and the account is active and funded – as designated by a 3rd party integrator.

NOTE: 3rd party integrators can submit tickets of any order type source, and payment status. Be sure to check with your integration partner to confirm what order types and order sources they are using when submitting tickets through the Treez API to determine how best to configure your notifications.


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