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SellTreez Product Update 40.0.0
Written by Treez Admin
Updated over a week ago



Inventory > Inventory Management > Inventory Control

  • Inventory can now be split into a smaller batch and moved to a new location at the same time.

Configurations > Config Page > Labels (New)

  • Ability to display U.S. Customary units on customer labels

  • New option to print '<LOQ' when THC or CBD lab results = 0%. *Must be enabled by Treez.

Inventory > Transfers (Non-Metrc)

  • Print Manifest updates including correcting the grams unit of measure (when applicable), adding 'Total Flower Weight', 'Net Weight', and 'Unit Cost'.

Reports > Sales and Inventory

  • A new Search button was added so multiple filters can be applied at once before the report loads.

Inventory > Inventory Management - Nevada

  • New fields, Lot # and Production Run #, can be enabled in the inventory card to print on exit (customer) labels.

Reports > Sales > Tax

  • New columns added to the CSV export for Invoice Accepted Date, Cost Per Unit, Invoice Excise Tax Per Unit, and Total Excise Tax.

Inventory > Transfers

  • Improved display of draft transfer details with browser resolution at 100% zoom.


Inventory > Inventory Management

  • Resolved a rounding issue with the Treez quantity when making adjustments.

Product > Discount Management > Discounts

  • Resolved an issue saving the Schedule Discount condition if the default 'Day of Month' is not changed.

Customer > Customer Management

  • State Medical ID #s with only a space entered will be recognized as 'null' and automatically disable the State Medical toggle.

  • Resolved an issue with uploading customer documents with file size 2MB or greater.

  • No phone or email will now be saved as NULL instead of an empty string to prevent issues with updating these fields with the Customer API.

Inventory > Inventory Management > Inventory Adjustment

  • Filter by Accepted Date and Available Amount is now working as expected.

Inventory > Transfers

  • Resolved an issue that allowed partially sold packages to be transferred with the original package label which prevented re-receiving the rejected item.

  • An error message will now display if a package does not exist in the Metrc facility and allow the package to be removed so the transfer can be re-initiated.

  • Improved handling of Metrc timeout errors that previously resulted in duplicate templates.

Inventory > Inventory Management > Inventory Control

  • When a package label is added as a barcode, the location quantity will no longer display double the count.

  • After sorting results and saving edits in the inventory card, the sort no longer resets when scrolling down the page.

  • Resolved an error that was preventing destroying inventory.

Inventory > Inventory Management

  • Sorting by Accepted Date is now working as expected instead of referencing the received date.

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