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SellTreez Product Update 19.0.0
Written by Treez Admin
Updated over a week ago



Configurations > Config Page > Receipt > SellTreez Receipt/Fulfillment Receipt Footer

  • Enables receipts to display the tip and fee amounts from PIN Debit.


Purchase Limits > Michigan Only

  • Display of the Monthly Allotment Remaining for Michigan Retailers is working as expected.

Cash > Cash Handling > Daily Totals

  • The date display is working as expected.

Customer > Customer Management

  • "View Customer Profile" is working as expected.

  • Users are now prevented from saving non-printable customer names in customer management.

  • Users will now see a deactivation event listed in the profile's history page.

Retail > Ecommerce

  • The read-only version of the online menu properly display filtered products.

  • The "Thank you" page in Treez eCommerce now correctly captures to Google Analytics.

Inventory > Purchasing

  • Expiration dates can be removed from the Invoice Line.

Customer > Dispensary Queue

  • Abandoning tickets removes customers in dispensary queue.

Product > Discount Management

  • Discount titles appear in reporting for tickets created via external AP.

POS > Integrated Payments

  • Receipts printed from Pin/Debit sales now include ticket lines for fees and tips.

Retail > Sell Treez POS

  • The list of packages appears when inventory is updated in the POS page.

  • Batch IDs that in some cases prevented refunds are now working as expected.

  • Resolved an issue where duplicate payment records were appearing within reporting.

Inventory > Inventory Management

  • Deleted barcodes will not present as ghosts when a matching barcode is used.

Configuration > User Management

  • Users can now deactivate POS accounts separate from System Accounts in User Management.

Sell Treez > Improve My Business

  • The links in the Improve My Business are working as expected.

Sell Treez > Cash > POS Ticket Adjustment

  • Resolved an issue where deleting ticket lines in the UI would lead to multiple negative adjustments creating potential discrepancies.

SellTreez > eCommerce > Stronghold ACH

  • Linking bank accounts to conduct ACH payments on eCommerce now works as expected.

SellTreez > Purchase Limits & Checkout

  • Updated so that when packaged products are added to the cart they count towards purchase limits.

Sell Treez > Retail > Fulfillment

  • Auto abandonment for pickup orders works in fulfillment as expected.

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