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BioTrack Medical (IL)

Patient allotments are imported from BioTrack during patient check-in and patient sales are reported to BioTrack as medical sales.

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Treez now supports automatically reading patient purchase allotments directly from BioTrack and reports sales to the the Track & Trace provider as medical sales.

Patient Allotments

When checking in a medical patient from Customer Management or adding them directly to a ticket in SellTreez POS, the patients allotments can be read from BioTrack to ensure compliant Medical sales in Illinois. If Treez is unable to retrieve purchase allotments for a patient, users will be informed via the Purchase Allotment pop-up.

Customer Management Requirements

When creating or updating a patients profile in Customer Management, users must ensure that the the "Adult Use Customer" toggle in OFF (gray and to the left) and the "State Medical Id#" toggle is ON (green and to the right). This will allow users to then enter the patients Medical ID# so it can be looked up in BioTrack.


Customer Management

When the Check-In button is clicked in Customer Management for a medical patients who is setup per the above Customer Management Requirements, Treez will attempt to lookup the patients allotment using the Medical ID# provided.

SellTreez POS

When a patient is added directly to a cart in SellTreez POS, Treez will attempt to lookup the patients allotment using the Medical ID provided in the patients Customer Management profile.

Successful Patient Lookup

If the patients medical ID is found in BioTrack, Treez will automatically fill in the patients remaining available allotment as provide by BioTrack. Users can then click the blue "Check In" button to add the patient to the Customer Queue.

Failed Patient Lookup

If the patients medical ID is not found in BioTrack, Treez will automatically set the patients available allotment to 0.0000 and inform you the Patience License Number was not found and users will not be able to check-in this patient. Users will need to verify the medical ID has been entered correctly in the patient profile and try again.

BioTrack Offline

In the rate occasion that Treez is unable to communicate with BioTrack during the patient allotment lookup, the purchase allotment pop-up will indicate this with a red "Offline" icon. Users may proceed with the transaction by ensuring the medical ID in the patients profile is accurate and confirm their available allotment in BioTrack directly, if possible. The available allotment can be manually entered in the purchase allotment pop-up

Proceeding with a transaction when receiving the BioTrack is Offline must be done with care:

  • If the medical ID is incorrect, the sale will fail to post to BioTrack.

  • If the allotment entered in incorrect, the sale may exceed the available allotment for this patient and fail to post to BioTrack.

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