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TreezPay: How Does ACH Work with Weedmaps?
TreezPay: How Does ACH Work with Weedmaps?
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How does ACH work with Weedmaps?


Stronghold ACH listens to our Ticket Webhooks for ticket information. As long as a ticket makes it into Treez, it can theatrically be paid with ACH. The caveat here is that Stronghold controls the parameters in which they watch via the Ticket Webhook to determine if an SMS message will be triggered to the customer.

The default behavior Stronghold looks for is SOURCE = ECOMMERCE AND STATUS = AWAITING_PROCESSING .

Please Note: Both the orders integration partner (in this case Weedmaps) and Stronghold have control over the values they watch for and send to our API. So, there may be situations where the triggers Stronghold is watching for differ from the values submitted by an integration partner which may cause the customer to not receive an SMS message from Stronghold to pay via ACH.

The customer profile associated with the order MUST also have a phone number on file to receive an SMS payment link.

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