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SellTreez: How to Remove Packages from True Up
SellTreez: How to Remove Packages from True Up
Written by Treez Admin
Updated over a week ago


How do I remove or hide packages from the METRC True Up page when they have already been transferred out of my facility?


If you have already transferred a package out of your facility in METRC and you have completed the steps in the SellTreez: Returns to Vendor in Metrc and Treez, you can then hide the package from the True Up page following the steps below:

Step 2: Select "METRC True Up"

Step 3: Locate the package you would like to remove by searching for its package tag

Step 4: Click the vertical 3 (


) dots to the right of the package line and select "Permanently hide this package"

Note: It's important to ensure you are selecting the correct package as this step is not reversible.

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