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Ensuring Compliance When Your License Changes - SOP
Ensuring Compliance When Your License Changes - SOP
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It is imperative that you contact [email protected] and let us know your migration plan and date of the new license so that we can assist you in a timely manner.

After contacting [email protected] you will need to ensure that all sales and adjustments are sent to METRC before updating the METRC API key, license and packages to the new license. If you do not take this step, the send to METRC will fail after the switch as the packages won't be authorized as they won't exist in the license. You can review this article to ensure you are performing this needed step correctly:

With new CA delivery rolling out, clients will also need to update their license number and expiration date in LVoT > Org Management > Edit Store > Customer type and license.

Please Note:

You should expand your search on METRC to include your time on Treez to ensure you are seeing all possible errors. The default is the current month, this may not give you the complete picture you are looking for.

Once this is done you can navigate to:

Config Page > Integration > State Tracking and update your METRC API key, if necessary.

If the new METRC license is associated with the same METRC User whose key is being used currently, you do no need to update the key. Simply click the "Check Licenses" button to refresh the list of available licenses associated with the current key. When the list populates, you can check the "Use License" checkbox for the new license and select its default inventory type, if applicable.


Please note:

If, for some, these steps are not taken, you would need to manually upload all sales and adjustments to METRC.

You can find help on how to do this here:

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