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SellTreez: Deactivating/Reactivating Users in SellTreez
SellTreez: Deactivating/Reactivating Users in SellTreez
Written by Treez Admin
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Once a user has been created, they can never be permanently deleted, they can only be made “Inactive.” This is done for auditing purposes.

To deactivate a user’s account, navigate to Configuration > User Management.

Step 1: Use the search bar or User Group dropdown to locate the user you’d like to make ‘Inactive’.

Step 2: Click the pencil icon to open the “Edit User” card.

Step 3: Disable the Active slider and tap Save. This user will now be blocked from being able to log in to the Treez portal.

To reactivate a user’s account navigate to Configuration > User Management and select Inactive from the ‘Active’ dropdown. Then, follow the same steps outlined above.



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