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SellTreez: Working with User Groups
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The ‘User Groups’ page houses all available groups/roles that can be assigned to users, along with the various page permissions that accompany each group. While there are a variety of standard roles to choose from, you also have the ability to create custom ones and manually adjust the page permissions to meet your needs.


Across the top of the page, you’ll see all available user groups, while down the side of the page, you’ll see all main tabs within the Treez portal. Clicking on any of the main tab lines will display all pages nested under it.

Standard User Groups include:

  • Cash Manager

  • Manager

  • Shift Lead

  • Weigh Tech

  • Reception

  • Reception/Weigh Tech

  • Budtender Reception

  • Budtender Tech

  • Utility

NOTE: If you don’t want any employees to be able to see the funds associated with your accounts when making payments to a vendor, the balances can be hidden by navigating to Configurations > Config Page > Cash Handling > Existing Accounts > Toggle “Show Account Balances in PO Payment Dropdown” off.


Creating User Groups

Depending on your operation, you may have a need to create additional user groups to serve your internal needs. If desired, you can do so by navigating to Configuration > User Management > User Groups.

Step 1: From the ‘User Groups’ page, click +Add User Group to open the “Create User Group” card.

Step 2: Name the new group and tap Save. It’s best to keep the name short and descriptive.

Step 3: This new role will appear alongside all other existing groups. As you’ll notice, there won’t be any page permissions associated with your custom role. Permissions will need to be assigned manually in order for users with this role to be able to access any pages within the Treez portal.


Removing User Groups

If you want to reduce the number of available user groups to choose from, you can easily remove them. To do this, navigate to Configuration > User Management > User Groups.

Step 1: Identify which group(s) you no longer want to keep and click the pencil icon at the bottom of the associated column. This will open the “Edit [User Group]” card.

Step 2: Disable the Activate User toggle and click Save.

Step 3: From your remaining active groups, Select a Group from the dropdown menu that any outstanding users affiliated with this group should be converted to, and click Deactivate.

  • Doing so will remove this group from the user groups and page permission matrix.



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