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SellTreez: Updating User Group Page Permissions
SellTreez: Updating User Group Page Permissions
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Each user group has a defined set of pages they have access to within the Treez portal. If you wish to alter the permissions linked to one or more groups, you can do so by navigating to Configuration > User Management > User Groups.

Step 1: Identify the appropriate column for the user group whose page permissions you’d like to update.

Step 2: Click on the checkboxes associated with various pages you’d like to enable or disable for the particular group.

  • By default, only the main portal tabs (e.g. Daily Procedures, Retail, Reports etc.) will be displayed. Clicking on each line will cause any additional pages that are nested under the parent tab to display.


NOTE: Users must have access to the parent tab in order to have access to any of the tabs nested under it. For example, for a user group needs to be able to access the ‘Sales’ report, they must have access to the main ‘Reports’ tab as well.

With new permissions comes increased access to new tools that an employee may not be accustomed to using or seeing. Be sure to have them read through the Help Center or talk with an internal expert to help get them up to speed on the new features at their disposal.


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